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—-Photography Galleries of Jerry Reed—- Please note where you see a "+" on the home page there are more galleries. Once you open an image, click on the actual image to see a larger version.


Thanks for stopping by. Here you will find Jerry Reed’s photo galleries.  From time to time you will see posts like this one with text, often with photos to illustrate a story.

If you see an icon like the one shown here, that is an information post and may be illustrated with photos.

If a photo appears in a block or square, a gallery is featured.  The main focus will always be the photo galleries. Some of them photo excursion specific and others of a subject, such as landscapes, scenes, aquatic birds, backyard birds, birds of prey, butterflies, moons, trains and more. Some photos are captioned and some are not.

Note on navigation: The easiest way to view a gallery is to click on the first photo (or any thumbnail). Once that opens you will see arrows to the left and right of the image. Click on an arrow and you can view all the photos in that gallery like a slide show. On the mobile version, just slide the photos with your finger. Most photos are best viewed in landscape mode. Make sure you have screen rotation turned on. Also, below each image you will find details about the photo and there’s an option to view full size.

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