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Jerry Reed's warm conversational tone is perfect for your corporate videos, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, HR training, safety, explainer and e-Learning projects. He's also an experienced children's storyteller, known for his work on the Dutch children's app - Frederick Spider and his recordings of tales from the Brother's Grimm.

Doing a "LIVE" recording session with Jerry is easy using Source Connect Now. Just call 1-315-503-1313 for the passkey and enter your name and key below. Then click on "connect." To connect via ipDTL just call the number above to set up a session time. When it's time to connect, just click this button. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

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Send Jerry an eMail: jerry@jerryreed.com       Better yet, call him to discuss your project or for a free quote at: 315-503-1313

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