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Pseudo Spring

A beautiful morning presented itself today with abundent sunshine making this Februrary 21st a balmy 67 degrees. The Rayhill Trail beckoned. So, off I went with cameras charged ready for whatever appeared in the viewfinder.

A few hundred yards down the trail my ears picked up the unmistakable chatter of the Red-Winged Blackbird.

Out on the top of one of the tree branches there he stood perched prowd and vocal. They’re back early this year and probably will regret it in a few days.

The walk which doubles as an alternative to a mild workout forme at the fitness center and a nature excursion was quite productive.

As I approached the only open water in the otherwise frozen marsh, geese and mallards played in the glow of the morning sun.

Then another sound of Spring greeted my ears, the chirp of a Robin. Sure enough perched high above a beautiful specimen.

That was it for birds on this morning’s walk. However, I soon noticed fellow walkers approaching. One of them stopped to snap a photo of something on the blacktop of the trail. After they passed, I realized it was another sign of the Frebruary Pseudo Spring- a common Garder Snake.


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